We are residents of Walthamstow who are interested in the local environment and its inhabitants.  As professionals working in the built environment we are passionate about thoughtful, considered and innovative design that is functional but delightful.  We believe that great design in our urban environment can improve the quality of life of all those that spend time and pass through it.

We would like to see a higher aspiration for design & more imaginative approaches to architectural and urban design in the environment we live in.   We have recognised that E17 has a good representation of creative people but urban & architectural design is not highly promoted; as a group of interested professionals we hope that we can make our town even better.

We would like to promote:

1.  Well detailed, innovative design and well designed spaces

  • Demanding high quality development and not simply easy solutions.
  • Attention to all scales of construction project; small residential extension through to large urban intervention.
  • Robust design up to surviving a tough urban environment.
  • Use of quality materials
  • Generous residential space standards that meet and surpass those of the London Plan, with good levels of daylighting, good quality private external space

2.  An appreciation of the existing and historic physical context

  • Appropriate solutions, respecting historic character of the existing built environment.
  • Protection and enhancement of heritage assets.
  • Sensitive and thoughtful contemporary solutions.

3.  A good quality urban environment and public realm

  • Good quality street furniture and designs that encourage occupation of public spaces
  • Urban design that promotes natural surveillance and overlooking

4.  Protection and enhancement of green and open spaces

  • Well maintained and interesting open spaces.
  • New planting; trees and plants in open spaces and in streets.
  • Good quality facilities to serve open spaces; WCs, cafes etc.
  • Consideration of safety; lighting, surveillance etc.
  • Support of local residents who want to take on planting areas in streets and public areas

5.  Environmentally conscious design

  • Encouraging residential projects that meet high levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Safe and clean cycle lanes and plentiful provision of cycle stands / cycle lockup facilities
  • Use of materials that are robust and therefore longer lasting
  • Improved access to and provision of public transport

6.  A diverse and integrated neighbourhood

  • A physical environment and provision of amenities that where possible encourages the intermingling of different people from our multicultural community.
  • Regeneration initiatives that consider for the needs of different parts of the community.
  • Improved provision of social housing and services.

7.  Well rounded provision of amenities, services and facilities

  • Provision of leisure amenities serving not only the local population but also attracting visitors
  • Imaginative approach to use of shop units, as a preference to vacant or multiple fast food take-aways.
  • Improved provision of public amenities such as nurseries, schools, and leisure facilities where they are over-subscribed and especially where new housing developments (particularly with family accommodation) are permitted.
  • Good quality facilities for the elderly and disabled in an environment that they feel safe and looked after. Better, less hazardous road and pavement conditions.

8.  A sustainable services and amenities infrastructure

  • Support of locally lead entrepreneurialism and business, particularly in the face of regeneration and the likelihood of national and international chains to be attracted to the area in competition with existing traders.
  • Complementary shops and businesses.
  • The promotion of use of local shops and services.

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