47 Gainsford Road – Application 16/1661

[Updated 12.07.16]

We were very interested to hear about this application in Gainsford Road, if only because the architects, Gort Scott, produce some very well considered work, and the first impressions seemed very positive.  We had a good look and had a few reservations about the nature of the scheme – our response is here.

We have downloaded the documentation from the council website – see below.  We were very pleased to see that there seems to be some effort by WF to add a description to the documents, even if the documents are spread over many individual downloads.  The most important document of any planning application, the Design and Access Statement, was in 13 pieces.  We have put this together in the right order, so everyone else doesn’t have to…

As usual any comments, critical or in support should be sent to dcmail@walthamforest.gov.uk with the planning application reference 16/1661.

WF161661 Design and Access Statement 

WF161661 Existing drawings

WF161661 Proposed drawings

WF161661 Planning statement

WF161661 Transport Statement

WF161661 Sustainability Assessment

WF161661 Form

WF161661 Energy Statement

WF161661 Drainage

WF161661 Daylighting

WF161661 Community Involvement

WF161661 Commercial Assessment

WF161661 CIL

WF161661 Arboricultural

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