Quant Building, Church Hill – Application 16/1001

Update: This application was refused and taken to appeal, which was unsuccessful.  Appeal decision here.


A planning application has been made for a rooftop extension to the recently renamed Quant Building on Church Hill, near the junction with Hoe Street.

Application 16/1001 is currently out to consultation, with a formal deadline of 07 June.  (Although planners will often accept comments after the statutory deadline.)

We have downloaded information from the council planning website, for easier access – see below.

To comment on this planning application, visit the WF website and quote the planning application reference 16/1001 and address 6-10 Church Hill, E17 3RY.

We would suggest that the additional stories are not the key objection here – intensification of London’s regional centres is an important part of increasing residential accommodation, and this building can probably take some extra height (providing it is proven by the applicant that there are no overlooking issues into existing adjacent properties, or significant impacts on daylighting).  The addition here is over-bearing and does not respect the quiet and restrained nature of the existing building.

WF161001 Front elevation extract

The new apartments are single aspect with half north facing, with an un-naturally lit central access corridor.

These characteristics are against GLA policy, and the proposals do not respect the Waltham Forest Urban Design SPD or LBWF Design Charter.  A prominent, gateway site demands the highest quality design, which this falls far short of.  The recorded interaction with planning officers within the Design and Access Statement indicates a process that is currently unable to secure the highest quality design, underlining the urgent need for an appropriately qualified, independent design review process.

WF161001 Design and Access Statement

WF161001 Existing CGI 001

WF161001 Proposed third floor plan

WF161001 Proposed Section

WF161001 CGI03

WF161001 CGI02

WF161001 CGI01

WF161001 Planning Statement

WF161001 Proposed fourth floor plan

WF161001 Front elevation


2 thoughts on “Quant Building, Church Hill – Application 16/1001

  1. Alan Bettle

    I think people need to remember what Walthamstow used to be like. Why do all the swanky buildings have to be in Mayfair? Why can’t we have some new buildings to be proud of?

    Good luck to them.

  2. Alistair Martin

    I’m not sure this qualifies as a swanky building. I rather liked the existing building, which was a rather understated but elegant office building with a horizontal emphasis in its design. It’s just been clad with a metal-windowed facade which removes much of it’s original simplicity. Now this box has been proposed on top. I agree that it’s overbearing, and has serious planning issues regarding living standards in these single-aspect, north-facing apartments. And the way the proposed design addresses the Hoe St junction is just naff, like a bit of Westfield Stratford jutting into the sky. Surely the architects can do better?


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