Riley’s Snooker Hall application (ref. 160785)


22 April 2016: We note the application has been advertised for consultation in Waltham Forest News dated 18.04.16.  This starts a 21 day statutory consultation period.

14 April 2016: AE17 have submitted this response to the application.

The applicant has submitted a new application for this site, currently Riley’s Snooker Hall, at the corner of Hoe Street and Forest Road, opposite the Bell pub. (For ease of access we have downloaded information from the council website – see below.)

A planning application was submitted in 2015, which was refused by the council, and an appeal has been lodged by the developer.  AE17 submitted this response.

Should you wish to comment on the application you can do so here, or write to Waltham Forest council at  (You should quote the application reference 160785 and your name and address.)

WF16078 Design and Access Statement

WF16078 Proposed Drawings

WF16078 Sustainability Statement

WF16078 Noise assessment

WF16078 Location Plan

WF16078 Energy Statement

WF16078 Daylight & Sunlight assessment

WF16078 Application form

WF16078 Air quality

The application was received by the council on 03.03.16.


2 thoughts on “Riley’s Snooker Hall application (ref. 160785)

  1. Vicky Kramers

    Interested to read your response to the most recent Riley’s application, but your link doesn’t work.


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