South Grove Planning Application 2016 – App. ref. 16/0333

Update 28.03.16: We have submitted this  response to the planning application.


An application for the large site at South Grove was received by Waltham Forest council on 08 February 2016.  We are currently taking a look at this.

A mixed use development. Demolition of existing buildings and construction of buildings ranging between 2 to 12 storeys in height comprising 473 residential units (127 x 1 bed, 275 x 2 bed, 28 x 3 bed, 43 x studio) and 154sqm. Commercial floor space for (use class A1, A2, A3, B1 and D1)Provision of associated car parking, cycle parking amenity space, energy centre, infrastructure works and landscaping.

It follows two consultation events by the developers late in 2015 and in January 2016, and a ‘Supplementary Planning Document ‘ that was meant to guide the design was adopted by the council in September 2015.

160333 DAS p30.jpg

(You may know that this site was previously subject to an application – which was approved – by Morrisons, with a large supermarket and residential uses.)

The application documents can be found of the WF website but we have them here for ease of access.  [Update 09.03.16]  The public notice for the application was published on 07 March, so the formal 21 day consultation period closes on 28 March 2016.  (Comments received after this date will often be accepted but is less likely to be taken into account.)

Should you wish to comment you can do so by writing to Waltham Forest council at  (You should quote the application reference and your name and address, and it is worth referring to the supplementary planning document and council’s Design Charter and Urban Design SPD.)    We encourage anyone who wants to comment to do so!

The most significant documents describing the proposals will be the Design and Access Statement, the architectural drawings, and the landscape drawings.

Our thoughts on the consultation proposals can be found here.  (We are preparing a response to the application).

Documents that form the planning application:

Waste Management Statement

Transport Report

Sustainability Statement

Site plan

Road survey

Planning Statement

Noise and Vibration Report

Landscape Proposals

Flood Risk Assessment

Drawings – Landscaping

Drawings – Architectural

Design and Access Statement

Archaeological Report

Arboricultural Report

Air Quality Statement

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