97 Lea Bridge Road – App. ref. 15/3834‏

Update 28 May 2016

The application is being considered by the planning committee, recommended for approval by planning officers, at their meeting on 07 June, 7pm at the town hall council chamber.

The officer’s report is here.


97 Lea Bridge Road, E10 7QL.

08 March 2016

AE17 submitted this response to the application.

Should you wish to comment on the application you can do so here, or write to Waltham Forest council at dcmail@walthamforest.gov.uk, for the attention of Nick Eagle.  (You should quote the application reference and your name and address.)

The proposal is for:

300 Residential units (81 x 1 bed, 178 x 2 bed, 28 x 3bed, 1 x 4 bed and 12 x studios) in new buildings (height range from 5to 18 storeys buildings). Provision of (1082.3sq.m) flexible retail space for (use class A1,A2,A3,A5), (810.70sq.m) space for (use class D1/D2). 60 car parking spaces,2 car clubs spaces, 540 cycle parking spaces, refuse store, & plant room at basement level with public and private amenity space.

LBR view

The majority of the application information appeared on the WF website on 02 February, although (at our request) the Design and Access Statement was added today, 09 February.

Like others we find the WF website very inaccessible, so for this scheme (since it is significant and apparently not very well publicised) we have downloaded the information for access here.  Please see below.

[Updated paragraph] We believe the official closing date for comments is 29th February. We have now been advised that due to delays in publicising the application the consultation deadline has been delayed until 14 March 2016.  (There is a statutory requirement for an official notice to be displayed in a local newspaper (here, Waltham Forest News) and a 21 day consultation period following this.)

The main documents of interest will be the Design and Access Statement (watch out – large file) and the drawings.  Other information below.

Important local planning policy that is relevant is the Northern Olympic Fringe Area Action Plan (although this has not been adopted by the council so legal weight is questionable), LB Waltham Forest’s Design Charter and Urban Design SPD.


WF153834 Transport statement

WF153834 Transport statement 2

WF153834 Residential travel plan

WF153834 Public realm and Landscape proposals

WF153834 Preliminary ecological proposal

WF153834 Planning statement

WF153834 Pedestrian level wind microclimate assessment

WF153834 Noise and vibration

WF153834 Geo-environmental assessment

WF153834 Flood risk assessment

WF153834 Energy Strategy report

WF153834 Demolition and construction plan

WF153834 Daylight and sunlight report WF153834 Archeological desk based assessment

WF153834 Application

WF153834 Air quality assessment

WF153834 Affordable housing statement


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