Ferry Lane development site (Blackhorse Road)

Legal & General have proposals for a site at Ferry Lane, part of the WF Blackhorse Road AAP zone.  There was a public consultation event held in May.

We discussed the proposals and are submitting some comments to the PR company acting on behalf of the developer.  Our main thoughts were as follows:

  • We are not so much concerned about the height of the proposal, but it’s quality.
  • We were unconvinced about the stepping up of the proposal away from the waterfront.
  • Height is significant in terms of relationship with neighbouring site; what scale & massing is proposed here? This is unclear.
  • The materials indicated in the ‘artists impression’ views do not seem to relate to local context; what are they?
  • This is a gateway to Walthamstow; how does the scheme enhance the nature of the place that already exists?
  • is there a relationship in materiality to other developments in the masterplan
  • Commercial units are shown on the street side (east) & not on the waterfront. What is the approach to the waterfront? This needs consideration as this is significant part of the site(s); could be a great place for cafes, restaurants etc; animated public space.
  • The small duplex units at the front of the development are incongruous and do not make the most of the aspect.
  • There seem to be many single aspect units, which are undesirable.
  • What uses are the commercial units to be designated as? We suggest wide possible uses. If the commercial is retained as shown what are the uses on the other side of the street and how do they relate?
  • Is there sufficient capacity at local schools etc (even with rebuild school to the other side of Forest Road) for the family units.
  • Is there proposed to be subsided accommodation for the artists that currently occupy some of the master plan area? (This happens in other London boroughs). If so the units need to be attractive to them; perhaps some industrial units should be retained as these are likely to be more attractive accommodation than modern, bland commercial units.
  • Uses should be employment other than just retail; this will have the advantage of bringing daytime use to the area where it is likely that many of the residents will commute to work. Employment uses other than retail will also replace some of the similar uses otherwise removed from the site and the borough.

(Jonathan, Eva, John, Nicola, and James discussed this.)

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