We are a group of architects that live and sometimes work in Walthamstow. We care about our local environment and the diverse community in which we live, and wish to see it grow and prosper in an inspirational yet thoughtful and sustainable way, with respect to it’s history and to all groups of people that live here.

We want to get involved, through supporting and encouraging;

  1. Well detailed, innovative design and well designed spaces
  2. An appreciation of the existing and historic physical context
  3. A good quality urban environment and public realm
  4. A diverse and integrated neighbourhood
  5. Protection and enhancement of green and open spaces
  6. Environmentally conscious design
  7. Well rounded provision of amenities, services and facilities
  8. A sustainable services and amenities infrastructure

Where we can we want to get involved with planning applications and pre-planning consultation, and help with local initiatives that aim to make the local environment a better one.

As AE17 we are not offering architectural services, and are a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation.  We are not linked to any political group, but we are affiliated to the RIBA East London Branch.

If you would like us to keep in touch with you about future projects please join our mailing list.

5 thoughts on “ArchitectsE17

  1. furrymoocat

    I know you’ve mentioned you don’t orovide architectural services, but are you able to provide some local recommendations. We had our fingers burnt by a local architect who completely ripped us off and put us off developing our family home for a long time. We’re keen to start the process again but obviously anxious! We’re looking for someone who can help us with a non-conventional loft conversion, ground floor extension and internal remodelling and who knows LBWF well enough to challenge their somewhat shortsighted approach to planning applications.
    Any recommendations gratefully received!
    Many thanks in advance.
    Alex Bell

  2. furrymoocat

    Could you please remove my telephone number from my previous correspondence? Thanks. Thought this was a contact form rather than a published comment!
    I will contact some of the architects on your list although not massively confident as the architects who ripped us off and made ridiculous mistakes in our application, leaving us £4K poorer and with nothing useful except a poshly presented bunch of sketches and a rejected planning application, are on your list! ☹️

  3. pennywiles

    I’m trying to draw your attention to the proposed extensions to the Holy Family School, in particular on how it might impact on the village ambiance and Vinegar Alley in particular. Reference number 161090

    1. architectsE17 Post author

      Hi Penny.
      Thanks for getting in touch. Because of the amount of time it takes us to review and comment on applications as a group, we are only able to look at a few unfortunately, and are busy with other things at the moment. Happy to retweet other’s tweets though to raise awareness of applications.

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